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Preprocessor File Format

The following is the input file format used by the preprocessor.  The preprocessor outputs files in the database input file format.

  • The first row contains the dataset field names in any order.  Unlabelled and field names which do not match those of the associated dataset are ignored.  Multiple fields with the same name will be concatenated with a " | " separator.
  • All fields except for the notes field are recaptialized into a standard capitalization.
  • Extra white space at the beginning and end of fields is removed.
  • All records after 1905 are removed.

In the works: the month field in a more user friendly format.

The following is an example file in the correct preprocessor input format:

keverne,ANGOVE,John,2004-06-18,1597,son of,John,,,,
keverne,BAULDEN,John,2004-04-05,1597,son of,Sampson,,,,
keverne,CHYBARLES,Jenaw,2004-05-12,1597,,,,,difficult to read,

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