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How to perform a search

  • At least the first three characters of the "Surname" field are required.
  • If the "soundex" option is selected, a phonetic (soundex) search is performed with the "Surname" field.
  • All other text fields are optional.

Wild card searches

  • The search engine matchs any record which begins with the characters entered.  For example, if just "j" is entered in the "forename" field, the search will match records with forenames such as "John", "Jane", "James", etc.
  • With all fields except for the "Surname" field, the wild card character "_" can be used which will match against any character in the character position.  For example, "j_n", matches with "Jane", "Jenefer", etc.

Fields Used in Searches

Baptism Banns Burial Marriage Witness
Forename X X X X X
Surname X X X X X
Soundex X X X X
Sex X X X
Father Forename X P
Mother Forename X
Spouse Forename X X
Spouse Surname X X
Start Year X X X X X
End Year X X X X X
Event X X X X X
Parish X X X X X

X = Used
P = Used only with post 1837 Marriages

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